Paľo Bohuš

the poet, essayist, and physician
Paľo Bohuš
( 24. April 1921 - 22. September 1997 )


Paľo Bohuš (with official name MUDr. Pavel Sabo) was born in April 24, 1921 in Bački Petrovac. He attended elementary school in his birth town and in Buljkes (today Bački Maglić), studied in high school in his birth town. He studied medicine in Szeged (1941-1944) and in Bratislava (1945-1950). In February, 1950 he got employment as a secondary doctor in Health institute for tuberculosis in Vyšné Hágy, Slovakia, where in July of that same year he was arrested and after fabricated process in October, 1950 in Bratislava as a declared member of „conspirators group“ of pro-Yugoslav „revisionists“ convicted to eight years in jail from which he spent full five years in. In July, 1955 he returned to Yugoslavia and here as a physician of general medicine, later as a specialist for tuberculosis he worked in Surdulica, Soko Banja and Nova Varoš in Sandžak, Serbia. Since November 1973 to his death he lived as a retiree in his birth town.

He died in September 27, 1997 in Sremska Kamenica. He published these collections of poems: Life and furrows (1943), After all rail (1971), Starry millet (1972), By the time we will come (1974), Life, beforehand lifelong (1977, written in Serbian language), Sonatas for solo silence and bagpipes (1978), Eviction, selection (1979, in Serbian language translated by Víťazoslav Hronec), For term of life, alive, selection (1981 composed by Michal Harpáň), Hemp, bibliophilia (1981), Traşi prin inelul vieţii, selection (1984, into Romanian language translated by Ondrej Štefanko), Listing of mulberry leaves (1985, in Slovak language translated by author), Ősszegező (1985, in Hungarian language translated by Lászlo Koncsol), Nowhere and back (1989), Triumphant shove (1990), Petit event, bibliophilia (1992), Third side of a coin (Bratislava, 1993), On darkness as on water (1995, in Serbian language translated by Gojko Janjušević), One way ladder (1996) and Fireproof heretic (1999). His Essays were published as well (1993, selection by Michal Harpáň), while Serbian magazine “Letopis Matice srpske” in the years 1988-1990 publicised in continuance his memoirs Five years without darkness. About his poetic work literary scientist Michal Harpáň wrote the book About Paľo Bohuš (1999).

In order he was the second chief editor of newspaper “Hlas ľudu” (Voice of People) (1944) and president (1973-1974) and member (1979-1980) of Editorial council and member of editorial staff (1983-1988) of literary magazine “Nový žívot” (New life). He was a member of Association of Writers of Vojvodina and a member of Association of Slovak writers in Bratislava, Slovakia. He was four times awarded with the prize of magazine “Nový žívot” (New life) (1967, 1971, 1985, 1995), for the collection Starry millet he got Prize of “Obzor” (1974), in the year 1976 he got the Prize of Vojvodina Liberation, in the year 1985 Prize for life work of Association of Writers of Vojvodina, in the year 1994 for the book Third side of a coin Prize of that same association, in the year 1995 Recognition of Artistic program of Radio and TV Serbia and in the year 1996 Prize of “Kultúra” for the book Essays.




Víťazoslav Hronec, translation: Andrew Ušjak