Andrej Ferko

the poet and physician
Andrej Ferko
( 22. November 1925 - 20. July 2011 )


Dr. Andrej Ferko was born in November 22, 1925 in Kisač. He attended elementary school in his birth town (1932-1936), five grades of high school he attended in Bački Petrovac (1936-1941) and sixth one in Serbian high school in Novi Sad (1941-1942).  

Over there he underground member of the peoples liberation movement, for which by the occupier establishment he was in November, 1942 arrested and put in prison until May 1943, in Pest. For one year he was at home, because occupiers forbade him to study, but he continued with underground work as of organizers of youth movement in Kisač. He maintained permanently connections with Novi Sad partisan troop, to which he joined in the summer of 1944. In one clash with Hungarian gendarmerie (in the night between July 31 and August 1, 1944) he was wounded, arrested and in Szeged, Hungary convicted to the death sentence.

This execution, however, wasn’t done and already in April 1945 he returns form the Szombathelyi concentration camp back home. After that he continued with high school study in Bački Petrovac, where he graduated in the year 1946. He graduated medicine in the year 1954, in the University of Belgrade. Since the year 1956 until his retirement (1985) worked as a physician in Bački Petrovac. He died in July 20, 2011 in Sremska Kamenica.

He published collection of poems Iron-bound blood (1954), for which in the year 1963 he got Prize of Publishing House “Obzor”. In the year 1985 in memory of his 60th birthday was published the selection oh his poems Grounded wings (the editor Víťazoslav Hronec) and in the year 1995 in memory of his 70th birthday bilingual Slovak-Serbian bibliophilia Eternal circle. In memory of his 80th birthday in the year 2005 was published the selection of poems Waterfall (the editor Víťazoslav Hronec). – In the year 1985 he got Price of the county Bački Petrovac. He is a member of Association of Writers of Vojvodina. In the years 1969-1973 he was a Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Serbia, in the social-health council.  


Víťazoslav Hronec, translation: Andrew Ušjak