Michal Ďuga

the poet and editor
Michal Ďuga
( 19. January 1951 )

Michal Ďuga was born in January 19, 1951 in Kulpin. Elementary school he finished in his birth town, high school in Bački Petrovac and the study of philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenicus University in Bratislava (1969-1974). In the years 1977-1978 he worked as a professor in the high school Ján Kollár in Bački Petrovac and after that for five years as an editor in Novi Sad broadcast and television. Since the year 1983 he was employed in the Publishing company Obzor in Novi Sad, where in the beginning he worked as an editor of book editions, later as an acting main and accountable editor of the magazine Pioneri (Pioneers) (1990), after that as an executive of the magazine Nový život (New Life) (1990-1993) and its chief editor (1994-1997), and, at same time, a chief editor of his birth town magazine Rovina (Flat Land) (1994-2005). Since September 21, 2005 he is a chief editor of Hlas ľudu (Voice of People). He is a member of the Association of writers of Vojvodina, where he is now a member of the Steering Committee.

He published collections of poems Sleeping butterflies (1976), Step (1979), Prometheus, bibliofillia (1979), Soil (1986) and Exhibition window of dreams (2001). One collection of children poems Hunting games (1992), one collection of stories and one children play were published as well. In the year 1979 he won the Prize of Nový život.

Víťazoslav Hronec, translation: Andrew Ušjak