Zlatko Benka

the poet and journalist
Zlatko Benka
( 22. July 2011 )

Zlatko Benka was born in July 22, 1951 in Lalić. From high school he was discharged in Odžaci. He studied Slovak language and literature in the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Novi Sad, but he didn’t finish the study. He worked as a journalist in the Information center in Odžaci. He lives on disability income in his birth town. He is a member of the Association of writers of Vojvodina.

He published collections of poems Demon but where (1973, written in Serbian language), Water dust (1977), Dagger (1981), Ocean (1984), Armoured soldier (1986, written in Serbian language), Clay (2001), and Shadow on table (2006). In Slovak language he published one collection of stories, three novels and one drama and in Serbian language one novel. In the year 1988 he got the Prize of Nový život.

Víťazoslav Hronec, translation: Andrew Ušjak