The history of Slovakia in Serbian language

5. April 2013
Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences published a book about Slovak history in Serbian language. The author is an academician Dušan Kováč.

In the year 2012 the book was published by the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and it was translated into Serbian language by the professor Samuel Boldocký. The release was supported by many companies and institutions, which include the National Council of the Slovak national minority, Cultural Institute of Vojvodina Slovaks, the municipality of Báčsky Petrovec, Slovan Progress DOO Selenča, Gymnasium Ján Kollár from Báčsky Petrovec, etc.

Juraj Tušiak

the poet, prosaist, redactor and journalist
Juraj Tušiak
( 26. January 1935 - 17. January 1986 )

Juraj Tušiak was born in January 23, 1935 in Bački Petrovac. Elementary and high school he finished in his birth town. In the years 1954-1956 he studied in the Pedagogical college in Novi Sad. As a pedagogical professional he lectured in Čelarevo, Bački Petrovac and Maglić (1956-1963), later he worked as a journalist in Hlas ľudu (Voice of People) (1963-1970) in Bački Petrovac and Novi Sad.

Michal Godra

the poetaster, linguist and high school professor
( 25. January 1801 - 1. March 1874 )

Michal Godra was born in January 25, 1801 in Bohunice, Slovakia. Elementary school he attended in his birth town and in Banská Štiavnica, after that he studied in Modra (1817-1818) and in evangelical lycee in Bratislava (1821-1822).

Juraj Ribay

poetaster, philologian, ethnographer and journalist
( 27. March 1754 - 31. December 1812 )

Juraj Ribay was born in March 27, 1754 in Bánovce nad Bebravou – Dolné Ozorovce in Slovakia. Elementary school attended in Horné Ozorovce and (after its demolition) in Uhorec (1763-1766). After that he studied in evangelical lycée in Banská Štiavnica (1766-1769) and in Modra (1769-1771), following he studied theology in Sopron (1773-1776), in Erlangen (1779) and in Jena (1780-1782).

Slovaks in Sebria from the cultural aspect – the edition achievment of the year

29. February 2012
CIVS has won a special prize of the international trade fair in category of the edition achievment of the year for the publication called Slovaks in Serbia from the cultural aspect.

The awarding was on March 1st on the trade fair in Novi Sad.

Portraits of our personalities with a brush of Pavel Pop

24. February 2012
CIVS has started its first phase of the project which has resulted with a painted portraits of M. M. Harminca, K. M. Lehotský, V. H. Vladimírova and P. Bohuš. The author of the paintings is Pavel Pop.

The main reason for an artistic revival of mentioned personalities who are meaningfull in Vojvodina's Slovak culture, was to contribute to a better publicity of the culture in Serbia and abroad as much as to motivate contemporary art. The portraits of the prominent cultural personalities painted by artist Pavel Pop are gathered in the exhibitory room of the CIVS and their making was financialy supported by the Office for Slovaks living abroad.

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