Coming out soon "Lexicon of towns in Serbia inhabited by Slovaks"

10. June 2011
The cultural institute of Vojvodina's Slovaks is preparing, within its development and research unit, meaningful book for Slovak minority in Serbia.

The cultural institute of Vojvodina's Slovaks  is implemenitng a complex publication, which will be a result of monitoring Vojvodina's Slovaks cultural infrastructure  from the 33 places in Serbia.  With the aim to gather as much as possible relevant informations, many assistants have been dedicated to field survey and recherche of the Lowland, Slovak and foreign literature.

The aim of this project is to document cultural life of Vojvodina's Slovaks, which is thoroughly organized for centuries. In this book readers will be able to find many interesting specifications about every town in Serbia where Slovaks live, starting from the geographical characteristics throughout hystorical facts, also to get to know the cultural life of particular Slovak town, cultural undertakings, etc.

Stará izba v Aradáči
Photo: Michal Madacký and Ďula Šanta

No less essential segment, is the graphic part of this project. Professional  photographers have travelled all over  Vojvodina to  shoot the most meaningful cultural places where Slovaks live. Therefore, the pages of this book will contain many pictures of Slovak churches, authentic folk garbs and many more culutral characteristics.

The project realisation is made with the support of SlovakAid.  The preparations of this book is on the wane. It will provide briefing and a presentation of culutral heritage of Vojvodina's Slovaks.  Apart from its meaning for all Slovak minority living in Serbia, it will also be adequate source of information for the  members of other nationalities. This book will provide an integrated image about the life of Slovaks in Serbia.

Anna Struhárová


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