Winter with the book 2011

17. February 2011
The traditional activity of the Slovak Publishing center, called Winter with the book has began on February 16th in the compartment of the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks.

The evening was dedicated to the presentation to the publications of the Slovak publishing center in the year of 2010 with a special punctuation on two publications which got out in association with the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks -  Chrestomatia slovenskej vojvodinskej poézie and Spätný pohľad na Lexikón slovenských vojvodinských vysokoškolských učiteľov a vedcov. The guests of this year’s first activity Winter with the book were authors of those books Víťazoslav Hronec a Ján Marko.

Riaditeľ SVC  Vladimír Valentík predstavil knihy vydané v roku 2010

Photo: ÚKVS

The audience and representatives of the Slovak publishing center were welcomed by the director of the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks Milina Sklabinská. She underlined that the Cultural Institute is planning to support the publishing center and also she expressed hope that maybe other institutions will show interest for the further existence of this very meaningful institution for Slovaks in Vojvodina and in that way to keep the rich publishing tradition. Next book which will be published and which is also a result of a good association of Cultural Institute and the Publishing center is the Monografia Miry Brtkovej, said MIlina Sklabinská.

Prítomní na podujatí Zima s knihou 2011

Photo: ÚKVS

In the continuation of the evening  the director of the Slovak publishing center Vladimír Valentík mentioned the beginnings of the organization this kind of event called Winter with the book. Firstly it was an activity which was local and it was organized every wednesday in one month in Báčsky Petrovec.

Later there was a decision made that it should be better to visit other localities which are inhabited also with Slovaks. This year it is planned to make a visit to Stará Pazova, Kovačica, Padina, Báčsky Petrovec, Hložany, Kulpín and anywhere else where the interest for Slovak publication will be shown, said Vladimír Valentík.

 Before dedicating time to the main two publications Vladimír Valenntík has mentioned also other publications like the collections of poems  Krajina divých jabloní of the author Michal Ďuga and  Takmer o ničom of the author Martin Prebudila, the book of essays named Hovorenie v úvodzovkách from the author Adam Svetlík, the book Básnická a prozaická tvorba Juraja Tušiaka from the author Jozef Valihora, the book of publicistic texts of  Andrej Ferka  Od prózy k básňam of the author Víťazoslav Hronec, a book for adolescents  Sú to vážne veci from the author Mária Kotvášová-Jonášová. In the edition of scientific works Vladimír Valentík represented also  Čítanku nárečových textov Slovákov v Báčke, Banáte, Srieme a Slavónsku of the author Daniel Dudok.

Slovak publishing center was also a publisher of the yearbooks, which were edited because of the jubilees: Osada Jánošík z môjho uhla (second fulfilled edition) of Martin Listmajer and in association with The desk of management of the culture and tourism UKF in Nitra, Slovakia there has been published a yearbook about Slovak village called Pivnica. Similarly to that a research team which is leading Jaroslav Čukan, plans to publish in the year of 2011 a yearbook about Boľovce.  


Víťazoslav Hronec hovoril o Chrestomatii slovenskej vojvodinskej poéziePhoto: ÚKVS

After a brief presentation of yearly publishing work the presentation of Chrestomatia slovenskej vojvodinskej poézie of the author Víťazoslav Hronec which is by the words of Vladimír Valentík of a great meaning for the Vojvodina’s Slovaks. But also he showed his disappointment that media of Slovak minority has somehow overlooked it trough. We are not achieving a lot of success when it comes to renewing the true cultural values of Slovak minority. These books deserve bigger attention because they are not common and they cannot be written in a month but a lot more observation is needed, said Vladimír Valentík.

To his own work called Chrestomatia slovenskej vojvodinskej poézie the author Víťazoslav Hronec dedicated few words by which he tried to explain the audience how does the process of making this kind of work look like.

The idea about making writing this book was born back in the 70’s when the author got employed in the Publishing centre and he was dedicated to bringing together the anthology of the Slovak poetry from Vojvodina. At first it looked like a history of poetry making but later on the author himself found out that he has not only to read the poems but also to read every poem which was published in magazines in Serbia and Slovakia so he decided to make a chrestomathy.  In the chrestomathy there are 82 authors from who only 10 of them are poets the others are beginners, versifications, etc. But every poem has something special for itself, said Víťazoslav Hronec. Two poems were interpreted by Katarína Mosnaková.

Dr. Ján Marko predstavil svoju knihu - Spätný pohľad na Lexikón slovenských vojvodinských vysokoškolských učiteľov a vedcov

Photo: ÚKVS

The ending of the evening was dedicated to the studies of Ján Marko which was called Spätný pohľad na Lexikón slovenských vojvodinských vysokoškolských učiteľov a vedcov in which there are analysis and documentation of many different information about the education of the Vojvodina Slovaks intelligence since the 19th Century until the present time. The work contains very detailed information about the Slovak scientists and pedagogues from Serbia. This work was presented on the event called The winter with a book by the author himself on a power point presentation which was made by the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks.

Katarína Mosnáková


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