Various genres on the 31st festival the Golden key

19. September 2011
Everyone who likes popular music could enjoy new melodies on Sunday October 16th 2011 live in Slovak town called Selenča or by live transmission of the television station of Vojvodina.

This years festival The golden key has been organized by the Association for cultural, tradition and art protection Selenča and the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina's Slovaks. This years festival has welcomed many new composers and singers beside those who are nowadays well-known by Slovaks from Vojvodina.

Photo: Željko Mandić

The festival contained out of 12 new compositions of these authors: Samuel Kováč, Juraj Súdi, Marína Kaňová, Jaroslav Glozik, Robert Šimon, Jefimija Zlatanović, Dobroslav Filko, Miloš Simonović, Ervin Zombori and Imre Babinský, Martina Trusinová and Pavel Ľavroš jr. The producer of this festival is Aleksandar Banjac.


Photo: Juraj Berédi - Ďuky

This festival is mainly for the youngs who would like to try themselves  in composing or even in singing. The tradition of this undertaking is a proof of its success. Thanks to the organizers who have been doing their best in overtanning this festival during all theese years, Slovaks have many modern songs which they can listen to and ofcourse enjoy in their mother language.

Photo: Željo Mandić

After performance of 12 new compositions and same number of applauses, the audience were imatiencly waiting for the winner song to be announced. The texts were evaluated by a writer of figure Viera Benková. The nomination for the best text writer got a well known musician and composer Juraj Súdi for the song called How to live a life (Ako život žiť) which was interpreted by Leonóra Súdiová, Anna Berédiová and Ľudmila Ragová. This song was also chosen by the audience as their favourite one.

Photo: Željko Madić

The members of jury were Slovenska Benková Martinková, Jana Kubečková Vukovićová and Zoran Kiki Lesendrić the singer of famous serbian music group called Piloti. There has been given three awards to the best compositions and one award went to the best singer chosen by the jury which was given to Anna Zorňanová, who was the author of the text and the composer of the song called Without you (Bez teba) is Jefimija Zlatanović.

Photo: Željko Mandić

The third place was given to composer Dobroslav Filko for a song called Selina which sung Ivana Vozárová. The second award went to the composer Samuel Kováč for a song called Alone (Sama) interpreted by a music group called Deja Bu which also got the most votes trough sms. The members of the jury have chosen for the best song out of twelve to be the composition made by a young Marina Kaňova for the song called I am asking the falcons (Pýtam sa sokolov), this song was composed for a text of important Slovak poet Andrej Ferko. The song sang a well known singer Sabína Trbarová.

During the time when jury was deciding which songs to put in the first three places, each member of the jury sung two songs.

The Slovak sound recordings library has been enriched by 12 new songs which are in various genres and by that the audience will be able to chose a genre according to their own style.



Anna Struhárová


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