The renaissance of Vojvodina's Slovaks choir music

12. November 2011
Cultural Institute of Vojvodina's Slovaks in association with the Commission for music has organized the VII. Conference for music experts and musicians.

The choir music is a part of art discipline which in Vojvodina has rich history and it is not rare in nowadays. The thing that is missing when it comes to this topic is the musical and theoretical reflexes. The tendencies to change this reality are appearing by organizing a musical conference.

To connect the practical and theoretical part of the choir music, firstly there has been held 4th concert of Slovak choirs in Vojvodina realized in Petrovec on Friday November 11th 2011. Day later in Novi Sad there has been held the 7th music conference which was held on a topic the Choir music of Vojvodina Slovaks. This conference was visited by not so many music professionals who presented their article about a certain topic concerning the Choir music of Vojvodina's Slovaks.

Účastníci konferencie
Photo: CIVS

The 7th Conference has began with a minute of silence which was dedicated to a memory of a great music pedagogue, ethnologist and a composer mr. Martin Kmeť. Who was present on these conferences since the beginning of their organization. His life work was mentioned on this conference mostly to find a way to publish his music opus.

Slovenka Benková-Martinková a Milina Sklabinská
Photo: CIVS

This year's conference has started with a presentation on a topic Choir singing as an art discipline and forms in which it appears between the Vojvodina's Slovaks, the author of this article was Slovenka Benková - Martinková who has finished post gradual studies based on choir and conductress. This first presentation was an introduction to the theme considering the choir music, history of the development European choir singing with appropriate music and video illustrations.

Katarína Melegová-Melichová a Milina Sklabinská
Photo: Juraj Zelník

The president of Slovak Matica Katarína Melegová – Melichová had a presentation about the Petrovský spevokol - 120. year old that was an article which was made out of a research of the press and literature which show a successful years of work. This presentation has shown that the research is needed more to bring together more informations about the beginnings of the work of Slovaks from Vojvodina. The cultural elite should be aware of those historical facts which are showing the level of the cultural development which our ancestors have reached.

Milina Sklabinská a Mariena Stankovićová-Kriváková
Photo: Juraj Zelník

Music professional Juraj Ferík has presented the work of Viliam Figuš Bystrý and Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský – meaningful personalities from Slovak music history. During these years many meaningful informations and data's got lost what shows that a better care for cultural heritage is needed. Mariena Stankovićová Kriváková a music pedagogue had also a presentation about The beginnings of choir music of Vojvodina's Slovaks which was mainly about a composer Ján Podhradský.

Milina Sklabinská a Juraj Ferík
Photo: Juraj Zelník

The afternoon part of the conference was dedicated to analysis of the current state of the Slovak choirs in Vojvodina. In this part the choir from Brezno called the Apostle Paul had its presentation which was held by its leader called MUDr. Ján Zachár. PaedDr. Juraj Súdi had a lecture about Getting together the choirs and the collective events.

Ján Zachar a Ľubica Nechalová
Photo: Juraj Zelník

Anna Medveďová a music pedagogue had the last presentation on a topic Slovak choirs in Vojvodina in the present time. She said that the choir music in Vojvodina is getting through a renaissance since the year 2000 because despite the number of Slovaks living in Vojvodina there are eight active choirs.

Milina Sklabinská a Juraj Súdi
Photo: Juraj Zelník

Many of them have won many awards here in Serbia and from abroad. This conference has established partners from Slovakia and the results of that fact are those that the Prof. PaedDr. Milan Pazúrik, Csc., from the Department of music culture of the Pedagogue faculty UMB from Banská Bystrica has sent a literature which was given to the music professionals who were present on the conference. He sent his greetings by a letter in which he showed his appreciation that a conferences like this one are being held and what a contribution to society they are.

This conference was ended with a constructive debate during which the decision was made to put in a yearbook besides presented articles also some other articles like for example Kvetoslava Benková will write about the influence of the choir music on preservation of traditional culture of Vojvodina's Slovaks and also many other historians.

Účastníci konferencie
Photo: Juraj Zelník

The 7th conference for music professionals and musicians was successful and it has brought new high quality informations to Slovak music in Vojvodina topic. Every year discussions which are being held during this conference are very meaningful because they bring new topic to be researched. Soon the last years zbornik will be published and as a result of this years conference there will be also zbornik out and the topic will be the Choir music of Vojvodina's Slovaks.

Milina Sklabinská


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