Portraits of our personalities with a brush of Pavel Pop

24. February 2012
CIVS has started its first phase of the project which has resulted with a painted portraits of M. M. Harminca, K. M. Lehotský, V. H. Vladimírova and P. Bohuš. The author of the paintings is Pavel Pop.

The main reason for an artistic revival of mentioned personalities who are meaningfull in Vojvodina's Slovak culture, was to contribute to a better publicity of the culture in Serbia and abroad as much as to motivate contemporary art. The portraits of the prominent cultural personalities painted by artist Pavel Pop are gathered in the exhibitory room of the CIVS and their making was financialy supported by the Office for Slovaks living abroad.

Portréty našich osobností štetcom Pavla Popa


 Academic graphic artist and painter Pavel Pop is integrated into a category of imaginativeness realism. In the year of 2008 he has made a circle of paintings of the most famous painters and their works. In a simmilar way he proceeded also in this project and made a paintings of Karola Miloslav Lehotsky (1879 – 1929) the first Slovak from Vojvodina who got academical education in painting, Vladimir Hurban Vladimirov VHV (1884 – 1950) the evangelical priest and one of the most famous Slovak scenic on this territory, Paľo Bohuš (1921 – 1997) a poet and Michal Harminc (1869 – 1964), the most active slovak architect who was active in many different European countries the pioneer of Slovak modern architecture.

Vladimír Hurban Vladimírov
Paľo Bohuš














The director of the CIVS Milina Sklabinská said, that this institution of culture in the year of 2012 has plans to realize the second phase of this project with which the mosaic of one portrait collection prepared for presentation here and abroad.


Katarina Mosnak
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