The history of Slovakia in Serbian language

5. April 2013
Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences published a book about Slovak history in Serbian language. The author is an academician Dušan Kováč.

In the year 2012 the book was published by the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts in collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, and it was translated into Serbian language by the professor Samuel Boldocký. The release was supported by many companies and institutions, which include the National Council of the Slovak national minority, Cultural Institute of Vojvodina Slovaks, the municipality of Báčsky Petrovec, Slovan Progress DOO Selenča, Gymnasium Ján Kollár from Báčsky Petrovec, etc. This book the History of Slovakia in Serbian “Istorija Slovačke” presents the history of Slovakia from the earliest times to the present.

The presentation of this scarce book, which has so far been translated into Hungarian and Czech language, was held on April 4th 2013 in the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Event was honored with many guests and among them the chairman of the Assembly of Vojvodina Ištvan Pastor, Deputy Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade Rastislav Kostilník, President of Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts Julian Tamaš, numerous representatives of political, social and cultural life and also a book author Dušan Kováč and the book translator Samuel Boldocký.


The presentation was held under the auspices of the Vice-President of the Assembly of Vojvodina Anna Tomanová Makanová, who has positively mentioned that the premisses of the Assembly of Vojvodina are opened for cultural events of this kind. She assessed the translation of this book as another successful cooperation of the Slovak Republic and Serbia and underlined the importance of this work, because, as she said, to know history is knowing how to face the future.


The presentation led the directress of the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina Slovaks Milina Sklabinská who also presented the curriculum of the academic Dušan Kováč. The word was initially given to the Secretary of Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts (VASA) Miloš Tešić, who has taken a grate part in contribution to the publication of this book in Serbian language. Mr. Tešić clarified how did the cooperation between VASA and the Slovak Academy of Sciences start, and thanked all those who financially supported the book.

Dušan Kováč, Samuel Boldocký a Miloš Tešić (z ľava)


Slovakia's history was published in 1998 in the Czech publishing called “Lidové noviny”. Previously, however, there was no similar scientific work in Slovak literature, first, because the Slovak Republic was established as an independent state in 1993 and the second because not one historian did accept to do a comprehensive work like this, since each expert is specified for each period of history. Dušan Kováč also revealed that he approached the research critically, he did not beatify the facts, but tried to give the history of Slovakia so believable, with what, some readers from Slovakia, did not agree entirely.


About the book and its translation few words were said also by the professor Samuel Boldocký. In his review he wrote that the Vojvodina Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Slovak Academy of Sciences, by publishing this book, have contributed to a better knowledge of the Slovak Republic in Serbia, as well as to another successful collaboration of Vojvodina with the mother country of Slovaks. He also expressed the hope that this book will have positive feedback from experts, as well as the wider reading publicity.


O knihe a jej preklade hovoril aj profesor Samuel Boldocký. Vo svojej recenzii napísal, že Vojvodinská akadémia vied a umení a Slovenská akadémia vied vydaním tejto knihy prispeli k lepšiemu poznaniu Slovenskej republiky u nás, ako aj k ďalšej úspešnej spolupráci vojvodinských Slovákov s materskou krajinou. Tiež vyjadril nádej, že takto koncipovaná kniha bude mať pozitívne ohlasy tak u odborníkov, ako i v širšej čitateľskej verejnosti.

Večierok prednesom srbskej a slovenskej piesne spestrilo vokálne trio v zložení: Olivéra Gabríniová, Anna Zorňanová a Ivan Slávik, tiež hudobníci Ervin Malina (kontrabas) a Đorđe Petriško (gitara). Premietal sa aj krátky film o prírodných, kultúrnych a historických krásach Slovenska, ktoré sú zapísané do zoznamu kultúrnych pamiatok UNESCO.

Záber z programu prezentácie knjihy Dejiny Slovenska

V ten istý deň vo večerných hodinách sa konala prezentácia Dejín Slovenska aj v Báčskom Petrovci, v miestnostiach Matice slovenskej v Srbsku.

Katarína Mosnáková, translated by: Anna Struhárová


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