A journey through the Slovak world within Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks

27. May 2013
On Friday, May 24th, at the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks, a multimedia program dedicated to the Days of Slavic Culture was held.

The Slovak Evening, dedicated to the culture of Slavs who are currently living in the region of Vojvodina was held at the Institute. The evening was enriched by the presence of the Deputy Mayor of the City of Novi Sad. During his speech, he pointed out the importance of this event. 

The president of the Culture Committee of National Council for Slovak National Minority Zdenka Valent Belić, spoke about the culture of Vojvodina’s Slovaks from the aspect of development of the Slovak literature. The audience had the opportunity to see and hear about some of the most significant developmental points of this discipline over more than two centuries, in the form of an interesting video presentation.


The second part of the program was dedicated to the publication Slovaks in Serbia from the Cultural Aspect, which was presented by the Director of Cultural Institute of Vojvodina’s Slovaks and coeditor of the book, Milina Sklabinski. By performing folk songs originally from Bačka, Banat and Srem, musicians: Ervin Malina, Đorđe Petriško, Aleksandra Majtan, Vladimir Turčan and Mirolav Opavski, as well as solo artists Ana Struhar, Ana Zornjan and Jaroslava Vrškova Opavski, depicted another part of the Slovak culture in Vojvodina.

The evening took place within the manifestation Days of the Slavic Culture, which was organized by the City of Novi Sad, from May 24th to May 26th this year.


This event was to affirm the Slavic culture, focusing on the literature of the twelve countries in which Slavic people reside. At the same time, this was the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the beginning of St. Cyril and Methodius’ mission.

Slovak music was also heard on Saturday, 25th of May at 7pm, in the ceremonial hall of Novi Sad’s Town Hall, where the members of the Slovak Cultural Centre "P. J. Šafarik" from Novi Sad performed within the Evening of All Slavic Friendship.


Cyril a Metód, autor: Jaroslav Šimovič
Milina Sklabinská, translated by Bojana Todić


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