Young actors from Aradac are the most succesfull

10. June 2013
The 20th Festival of Children's Theatrical Work "3 x Đ", which involved 13 competitive plays, ended on Sunday in Stara Pazova.


Among the competitors were: Elementary School "Bratstvo" from Aradac, performing “Cinderella“ directed by Zuzana Obšust; Elementary School "Heroj Janko Čmeljik" from Stara Pazova with the play “Tom Sawyer“ directed by Sava Đurđević; Elementary School. “ 15. oktobar“ from Pivnice, with “How the Egg Wondered Off“ directed by Vesna Kamanj and Jarmila Čobrda; Elementary School “ Maršal Tito“ from Padina, with the play “The Academy of Mischief“ directed by Milka Petrovič; Elementary School “Bratstvo i jedinstvo“ from Belo Blato, performing “A Proud Girl Named Ajoga“ directed by Adele Obšust; Elementary School "Mlada pokoljenja" from Kovačica, with the play “Best Friend“ directed by Eva Poljijak and Ana Hrkova; Slovak Cultural-Education Society in Erdevik together with Elementary School "Sava Šumanović" from Erdevik, performing “Three Artists“ and “Samuilo, the Dragon“ directed by Ruženka Đurik and Sonja Sladek; Elementary School "Branko Radičević" from Boljevci, with the play “How Did the Apes Build the House“ directed by Vjera Tomanova; E. S. "Jan Čajak" from Bački Petrovac, performing “Salt, More Valuable than Gold“ directed by Jarmila Pantelić; Elementary School "Jan Kolar" from Selenča, with the play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“ directed by Ana Kolek, Terezija Trusina and Ana Petraš; Cultural-Arts Association "Petrovačka družina", with the play “Paća and the Pirates“ directed by Danijela Leginj Sabo and Ondrej Brne; Slovak Cultural-Education Society "Đetvan" from Vojlovice, performing “Vojlovica’s Ugly Duckling “ directed by Terezija Vaber Oravec; Slovak Cultural-Arts Association "Jedinstvo" and Elementary School "Sremski front" from Šid, with the play “Dragon’s Three Feathers“ directed by Ana Kovar.  

Deti z Aradáča

The theater plays mentioned above were judged by the expert jury: the director Jan Makan, the actor Miroslav Fabri and the actress Zuzana Tarnoci.

The expert jury awarded the first prize to the theatrical performance “Cinderella” (Elementary School "Bratstvo" from Aradac), which also won the prize of The National Council of Slovak National Minority, which was the participation in a children’s theater festival in Šala (in The Slovak Republic) next year.  

DDS z Báčskeho Petrovca

The theatrical performance “Paća and the Pirates“, performed by the members of the Cultural-Arts Association "Petrovačka družina" from Bački Petrovac, won the second prize and the third prize went to “Vojlovica’s Ugly Duckling“ performed by the members of the Slovak Cultural-Education Society "Đetvan" from Vojlovice - Pančevo.

The music award was given to the author Ondrej Pavčok, for his music piece for the “Paća and the Pirates“ (Cultural-Arts Association "Petrovačka družina" from Bački Petrovac); the award for best costumes went to “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“ (Elementary School "Jan Kolar" from Selenča), in the category of scenography, an award was given to Ana Kolek, Terezija Trsina and Ana Petraš for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“ (Elementary School "Jan Kolar" from Selenča), and award for the best director was given to Zuzana Obšust for directing “Cinderella“ (Elementary School "Bratstvo" from Aradac).  

Deti z Boľoviec

Cenu za najlepší debut odborná porota udelila Eliane Markušovej za stvárnenie postavy Susedovo dievča v predstavení O pyšnom dievčati menom Ajoga, ZŠ Bratstva a jednoty z Bieleho Blata, cenu za najlepšiu mužskú epizódnu postavu Patrikovi Brachnovi za stvárnenie postavy Adolf v predstavení Akadémia šantenia, ZŠ maršala Tita z Padiny, cenu za najlepšiu ženskú epizódnu postavu Ines Gedrovej za stvárnenie postavy Kozička v predstavení Ako šlo vajce na vandrovku, ZŠ 15. októbra z Pivnice, cenu za najlepší mužský herecký výkon Dáriovi Hlavčovi za stvárnenie postavy Rozprávač kohút vpredstavneí Popoluška, ZŠ Bratstvo z Aradáča, cenu za najlepší ženský herecký výkon Alise Oravcovej za stvárnenie postavy Škaredé káča, SKOS-u Detvan z Vojlovice. Títo piati herci sa v organizácii Matice slovenskej v Srbsku zúčastnia Mikulášskych trhov v Bratislave v decembri bežného roka.

DSS zo Selenče

The children's jury chose Martina Benko, who acted in “Paća and the pirates“ (CAS "Petrovačka družina” from Bački Petrovac) as the festival’s most charming actress and Aleksandar Šproha , who was in “Salt, More Valuable than Gold” (Elementary School "Jan Čajak" from Bački Petrovac), as the most charming actor,

Of all the entries at the festival’s art competition of the NCSNM’s Cultural Committee, only two were selected, and those were the artworks by Jaroslav Petrik (Elementary School "Mlada pokoljenja " from Kovačica) and Ivana Zornjan (Elementary School "Sava Šumanović" from Erdevik).

A total of 279 children participated in this festival.  

Jaroslava Klinková, translated by Bojana Todić


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